Nate Towne - Bio

Guitarist, singer-songwriter Nathan Towne [Nate to most] was born in the small Western Maine town known as Norway in late 1964.
His great-grand father played fiddle in several grange hall orchestras in the early 1900's and Nate's mother played piano in the house during Nate's infancy.
Music was always on in the house even if was the radio and Nate would sometimes mimic the song that was playing. He gravitated strongly towards the guitar and asked for a guitar for Christmas around age 10. His parents got him one on the condition that lessons were included. Nate took some guitar lessons for a few months but the teacher had new obligations and the lessons ended and as a result Nate stopped playing until age 13 when a friend taught him some chord changes and that was it, Nate was hooked right then and there and it hasn't changed since.
Nate jammed on guitar all throughout high school experimenting and learning new techniques but didn't sing or write songs until after graduation.
By then he'd expressed interest in furthering his music education by enrolling at the University of Maine at Augusta's Jazz and Contemporary music program where he majored in guitar theory and minored in voice. But lack of funds and a strong desire to return to his hometown and start a band led to Nate's decision to drop out after only two years.
Over the last several years Nate has formed many different local bands playing a multitude of genre and has also worked solo,which he says he favors most. Lyrical songwriting had never been Nate's strong suit, but over the years he had written enough original material to record a CD.
In 1998,Nate's father died, soon after his mother would too, and the CD idea was put on hold for a few years. Nate continued to work in different bands, playing mostly cover tunes with some original's sprinkled in for good measure until about 2003, when he finally began work on what would become "Short Circuit" with the idea that Nate would record every vocal and instrument part himself, mainly guitar, bass,and drums.
"Short Circuit" was released in the late spring of 2006. It's 12 original songs reflect Nate's rock and roll upbringing. From it's CCR swamp [Beaucoux], to Neil Young stomp [Harvert Town], to more introspective [Hard to Say], and the Joni Mitchell like "Boatwaves". All the songs were done with Nate's individual attention given to every musical detail.
Nate Towne is primarily a solo performer who hosts open mic nights from time to time and who loves to jam with local musicians. Recently Nate had the pleasure of sharing the stage with singer John Gorka during his recent tour stop in Bethel Maine.Alot of fun was to be had that night.

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